Spin to Get in

SPIN to GET IN – This is the Ticket to your next poker event, Part Satellite and Part Slot Machine!

Yes, SPIN to GET IN will provide you with a great way to enter the tournaments, and the SIT & GO with a minimal cost to you- as little as 1 cent!

You are able to SPIN for 1 cent, 25 cents or $1 dollar on each SPIN. Just choose the amount you wish to wager and then SPIN the Slot, Hit Three-of-a-Kind, and you get a seat!

Now here’s a real PLUS, instead of receiving the typical 10% Rake on Satellites, our SPIN to GET IN holds back jut 2%, which gives you a 98% PAYOUT.

If you care to re-enter tournaments, you can use SPIN to Get In, but not if your already registered in that event

The SPIN to GET IN is not the same as a regular slot machine, as there are 3 different wagering amounts, but the prize will be the same, which is the cost of entry into the a desired poker event, your odds of winning will increase when you wager a larger amount

A Side Note: Should you care to calculate your odds of winning, you can easily do that by using the following formula: the (Slot Wager less then the Slot Hold) divided by the Event Entry will equal your total Chance to Win.