Satellites Tournaments

Get your seat into the most important poker tournaments!

Poker Host gives you the opportunity to qualify into a variety of Tournaments around the world, by just playing our Poker Satellites with a buy in of as little as $2.


What are Poker Satellites?

Online Poker Satellites are the best and most affordable ways in which you earn your seat into any of the most important Live Poker Tournaments known around the. Poker Satellites are tournaments were the prize pool can be an entry into a bigger event, allowing you to play in tournaments that your bankroll can't normally afford.

Where can I find these tournaments?

Our Poker Satellites are located on the "tournaments" tab and the clicking on "Sit N Go" tab locate in our Poker software, we provide you with a variety of Satellite tournaments from which you can chose the type of tournament and entry cost the you're looking for.

What prize pool does a Poker Satellite offer?

Our Poker satellites give entries into another poker tournament, the coupon or access can't be exchange for real money.