Minimum 400

the Minimum 400

Facebook and twitter friend’s tournament

Poker Host is always seeking a way to bring all our friends to have a nice poker reunion.

This time, we will start the game when we have 400 or more of our Facebook friends register; if any of the 400 friends cannot attend our reunion that day, we will wait for them and we will reschedule the game to the following week.

Poker host will automatically add all our friends into the next week's event so you don’t have to worry about sending the request again.

The prize pool has been set at $200 GTD and it will be paid to the first ten winners, you can also get back in the game with a $0.25 rebuy for 1500 chips or you can add on for $0.5 for 3000 chips.

Not yet a Facebook friend or want to invite your friends to join this game, all you need to do, is like our Facebook page: