The Cage

The Cage

Take care of your Chips and guard you stack, as the Blood just might hit the Carpet!

Why, because the premier event of the Cage was a great success, so now we are going to open up the doors again for a much bigger Cage.

What this means, is there will a lot more hours play time, more scrambling players and more excitement of unadulterated poker! Thus, we warn you in advance, this Cage is not for those who afraid to sweat a bit, or for the weak hearted, but for those poker players with a passion for the game, for winning and damaging the other players play at the table, and in a way the majority of poker plays can only dream about.

We're positive this New Cage game will be Better & Bigger, thus we issue a challenge to all the veteran poker warriors to join the new event.

The new Cage event is times orientated multi-table game with a $1,000+50 buy-in, and with satellites for $55 are available.

Here's the deal, you get 1,000 in chips, which have a real Dollar value, so at the end of the 5 hour tournament the chip stacks will be converted to real $ money. If you end the 5 hour game with 50,000 chips, you will receive some $50,000 that will be deposited into your account, and in cash.

Some of the highlights of the new cage event are:

  • It is a multi-table tournament format with a five (5) hour cash game.
  • When the five (5) hours expires, the Cage event ends and it does not matter the number of players that are still standing in the event.
  • The tables have a maximum six (6) players each.
  • The stack for the start is 1,000 chips.
  • A real dollar value is assigned to the chips.
  • When the game time of five (5) hours expires, players chip stacks are converted to real money and deposited into their player account.

Let it be known, that we also have increased the Blinds for each level. The Cage is now split into three (5) levels, each level of 50 minute each, as follow:

  • Level 1 with $5 / $10 blinds and $1 antes
  • Level 2 with $8 / $16 blinds and $1 antes
  • Level 3 with $10 / $20 blinds and $2 antes
  • Level 4 with $15 / $30 blinds and $3 antes
  • Level 5 with $25 / $50 blinds and $5 antes

In this Cage game you will be playing against the poker legends!

That's right, as when you enter the Cage, it won't be just the run of the mill poker players, but you will go hand-to-hand with some of the heavyweights of poker, as the Cage will be attracting the best of the online poker players, so come back often and see who's now playing in the cage.

Terms and Conditions

  • Tournament entries won through satellites are non-transferable, may not be redeemed for cash and hold no cash value.
  • Players who satellite their way into the tournament can’t unregister from it.
  • Players who buy-into the tournament and then win a satellite for it, may take their cash and use their satellite win to play The Cage.
  • Delay of Game: Any player who is found to be taking excessive time will be warned, if the situation persists a penalty of up to 10 minutes’ suspension may occur.