The Beatdown


The Weekly Prominence of the Beatdown!

ARE YOU prepared to go WHERE few have gone, where few have reached the peak to the wildest breath taking Poker event? Are you ready to feel the thirst for MORE, can you handle it?

The Beatdown, where there is no extra jackpot fee, sit at any cash table* and WIN more than what you’ve expected to get. Stay on the top positions of the weekly race for the change to get Cash plus Tournament seats!

  • The event runs weekly staring: Saturday at 00:00 until the following Friday at 23:59
  • When you win a tournament access, you will be registered the Sunday following the cash prize payment.
  • CASH prizes are rewarded by end-of-day every Monday.
  • Every cash table* competes for The BeatDown – with no extra fee because any additional cost is being taken from the rake generated.

We know you’re tired of the type of races where the Jackpot fee goes in the giant pot which rarely pops up. The BeatDown creates a NEW Jackpot that pops once a week!  Which increases the amount of weekly WINNERS!

If you’re ready, then this is how it works:

  • Sit down at any cash table*. There no specially marked BeatDown tables anymore now EVERY table* counts towards the BeatDown weekly race.
  • You earn 1 point for every $0.02 fed to The BeatDown generated by the players how? By using the Weighted Contributed Rake methodology. (Earning Points tab)
  • Do you want to track your status in the Leaderboard? Then visit the poker client, click the Rewards tab under “Points Race”.
  • Win hundreds or even thousands in cash plus tournament entries.
  • By participating in our cash tables*, you will automatically be ranked in our weekly leaderboard.

Check your Progress:

Visit the Poker client lobby, when you will see your current rank place on the leaderboard reflecting also you earn points plus details of whether your cash or tournament entries, from the leaderboard you can also verify details of the tournament like the start date and its guaranteed prize pool. The rakes are updated frequently so remember that the jackpot increases based on the activity it has, so stay active to win BIG!

The Weekly Prize Structure:

The more points you collect, the higher you’ll climb up in the weekly leaderboard giving you a spot in The Beatdown race, The Race starts every Saturday at 00:00 ET and concludes on Fridays at 23:59 ET. The payment structure for the cash race is calculated based on the size of the prize pool, as the prize pool grows, the number of paid places increases.

There four payout tiers in The Beatdown.

  • Tier 1: $2,500
  • Tier 2: $1,000
  • Tier 3: $250
  • Tier 4: $100

For every $10,334 in The Beatdown cash prize pool, the prize pool adds:

  • One Tier 1
  • Two of Tier 2
  • Five of Tier 3
  • Twenty of Tier 4

Reseed the next race with $2,584

Residual funds (between multiples of $10,334) as the Beatdown grows are applied to the top places in Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 - maintaining each respective cap amounts.

Here is how the Race is fed and the Weekly Payouts:

Players per Table

Funds for The Beat-down

Max. Amount

2 players at the table

$0.02 out of every $0.06 in rake

up to$ 0.04

3 players at the table

$0.02 out of every $0.06 in rake

up to$ 0.08

4 players or more at the table

$0.02 out of every $0.06 in rake

up to $0.24


Since the Beat down race is about rewarding our players, the weekly competition goes hand in hand with direct access to high guaranteed tournaments. When the prize pool grows we will give out more seats, more money to hundreds of winners.

Winners of the leaderboard will play in their satellite tournament two Sundays after their weekly race finishes, they will be automatically registered. Check the Rewards section (Points Race section) for the complete details.

Ranked Place

Cash Earnings

Tournament Entries Detail

1st - 5th

$ 2,500.00

Entrries to the mention Event (changes per season)


$ 1,104.00

Entrries to the mention Event (changes per season)

7th - 15th

$ 1,000.00

Entrries to the mention Event (changes per season)


$ 333.00

Entrries to the mention Event (changes per season)

17th - 40th

$ 250.00

Entrries to the mention Event (changes per season)


$ 152.00

Entrries to the mention Event (changes per season)

42nd - 140th

$ 100.00

Entrries to the mention Event (changes per season)


$ 83.00

Entrries to the mention Event (changes per season)

142nd - 237th


Entrries to the mention Event (changes per season)

*For every $55 that goes into the Tournament Package Jackpot one player will be awarded a seat into the Tournament, at 6:00pm ET.


How are points distributed?

Here is an example:  A 9-handed, $0.10/$0.25 ring game table, where everyone folds except for four players (A—small blind, B—big blind, C and D - each one paying $1 to see the flop).
Player A goes all-in on the flop for another $50. Players B folds. So does Player C. Player D calls the $50.

The pot is now worth $104. At the end of the hand, a total of $3 rake gets taken from the pot ($2.76 as net rake and $0.24 is fed to The Beatdown).

While other players started off in the hand, only the four contributing players receive points toward The Beatdown leaderboard. The number of points they have earned will depend on how much rake they contributed: * This means that each player gets 1 point for every $0.02 fed to The Beast generated by you using the methodology.

  • Player A receives 5.25 Points
  • Player B receives 0.75 Points
  • Player C receives 0.75 Points
  • Player D receives 5.25 Points

What is the “contributed “method earning?

The “contributed” method of earning is very beneficial to the player. It is where only players that made actual contribution to the pot receive credit (points) for the hand. The contribution can be either direct (call, raise) or indirect (small or big blind).

How long does The BeatDown last?

The qualifying period for each BeatDown race are from Saturday at 00:00 ET to the following Friday at 23:59 ET EVERY week.

How do I check my status in The BeatDown leaderboard?

One great thing about The BeatDown is that it has a live scoreboard. Open the poker client and hit the Rewards tab (Points Race section). You’ll see where you rank, what your current cash and tournament entry prizes look like, and other important information.

How often is my status updated?

There’s a real time BeatDown leaderboard updated, based on the points generated.

When would I receive my rewards in my account?

Cash prizes are paid out by end-of-day every Monday following the end of each weekly race; arriving in each winner’s accounts by 4pm ET. And tournament access won for the each weekly BeatDown race s will be held on the Sunday following the cash payout.

And if I still have more Questions?

Please contact us via our live chat or you can also send an email to [email protected]

Terms and Conditions:

  • The qualifying period for each Beatdown race starts every Saturday at 00:00 ET to the following Friday at 23:59 ET.
  • Every player who ranks in The Beatdown leaderboard automatically competes for BOTH the cash prize and the tournament prize.
  • Only 6-max and 9-max tables qualify for TheBeatdown.
  • Heads-up tables do not qualify for this promotion.
  • The Beat down is a true free roll for the player as there is no jackpot fee taken from the players, instead the jackpot is fed by a part of the rake already collected.
  • Cash prizes are paid out on the Monday following the close of each weekly race. Money will arrive in winners’ accounts by 4pm ET.
  • The tournament for the each weekly Beatdown competition winners will be held on the second Sunday following the cash payout.
  • Players are responsible to play in the assigned online tournament won through the Tournament Race competition. Players that don’t play the tournament will be deemed to be “no shows” and will forfeit their tournament entry prize.
  • 25% of the overall jackpot will be taken to the reseed of the next competition's jackpot.
  • Tournament entries won in The Beatdown are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash and hold no cash value.
  • The Beatdown Points are updated in real time.
  • No points will be awarded for participation in tournaments or Sit & Go’s.
  • Cheating or team-play is strictly prohibited
  • Any player that cashes in the Beatdownt, and/or is deemed to potentially be involved in cheating/team-play must be able to prove that they are only a single player. The burden of proof to prove that they won the Beatdown in a fair manner, will fall solely upon the player. Players must participate in a Beatdown Live (either live or private, but viewable by the House) in the following month AND must be able to replicate the same conditions, on their own, in which they achieved their status in the previous month. Until a player proves themselves beyond a
  • These terms and conditions are in addition to the Poker Host Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • To claim the prize, we require the tournament Number (TID), GTD prize amount, date and time.
  • Poker Host reserves the right at any time to change or amend these terms and conditions for this promotion without prior notice. As a referrer, you are solely responsible for familiarizing yourself with all the details and contents of these terms and conditions. Disconnection tournament rules will apply.
  • All of Poker Host management decisions are final.