Omaha Hi/Lo

Omaha Hi/Lo

Omaha Hi/Lo is a variation from Omaha game that unlike many other poker games not only uses the poker hand ranking but also uses a different system where it awards also the low hand. The low hand is established by the combination of the 5 lowest cards that are under 8; making the lower hand possible A2345.

Basic Rules of Omaha Hi/Lo

Just like in Omaha, each player receives 4 cards facing down; each player must use 2 out of their 4 cards in combination with 3 cards from the community cards. The community cards are 5 upside cards that are placed at the middle of the table for all players to use. However, in this variation of the game, the player can use 2 of his cards to win the “hi hand” using the normal poker hand rankings, and use 2 cards to win the “lo hand”. Considering this the low hand can be won by one player and the high hand by another player, if this is the case the pot is split both ways. However, if the player wins the high hand and the low hand he will be awarded for the whole pot.

Table Positions

Omaha Hi/Lo uses the same positions as Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi. A dealer position is define as a representative position of the player in the table dealing the cards, even though in most live and online games the dealer is defined as an employee of the house or the system itself. The following 2 players to the left of the dealer are defined as “big blind” and “small blind”. Each player is forced to make a bet depending on the table limits explained bellow. These positions rotate every time a game starts in a clockwise way where all players are given to chance to be the 3 positions during their action at the table

Betting Rounds

Opening: This is the first round of the game, the blinds and dealer positions are defined and the blinds are posted by the respective players. The dealer then gives each player 1 card starting with the small blind position clockwise until all players have 4 cards total. Once this is done, the first betting round starts with a established bet of the big blind. The first player to act is the player to the left of the big blind position. Each player then is given the option to risk money for the hand he is hold at that moment or forfeit the hand and don’t risk any extra money. Once all players have decided and placed their bets, the second round is played.

Flop: Second round of the game, 3 cards are drawn and place in the middle of the table facing up and are to be used by all players in conjunction with 2 of their cards. Based on this each remaining player still in the hand has a chance to bet on their hands. Once all players have acted, the third round starts.

Turn: The game continues with the remaining players and a fourth card is drawn, it is place in the middle along with the flop cards and is to be used by everyone as well. Another betting round is given and the players once more have the chance to risk their money based on their hands. A fourth and final round is started once all players have acted.

River: This is the last round of the game, a fifth and last card is placed in the center completing the community cards. Each player has a betting chance and once they are done the final phase of the game known as “showdown” starts. During the showdown the remaining players in the game are to show their hands and the winner or winners are declared. The player with the Hi Hand is the one that hold the strongest hand following the standard poker hand ranking. The player with the Lo Hand is declared by the one hold the lowest cards possible that are under 8. The low hand is compared with others from lowest to highest card in that order, once a player has a lower card than their opponent the Lo Hand is awarded to that player. If a player holds both the Hi and Lo hand, he gets the pot; on the other hand, the pot is split among the winning players.

Table Limits (Stakes)

Each table, just like most of other poker games, has 2 limits known as stakes. The stake is made out of a high limit and a lower limit. The high limit will define the betting minimum amounts for the turn and river rounds, and half of its value defines the big blind. The lower limit defines the minimum of the opening and flop rounds and half its value defines the small blind.

Betting Limits

Fixed Limit: The minimums and maximums are set by the table limits, you can bet the lower limit during the opening and the flop. You can bet the upper limit during the turn and the river. Pot Limit: In this modality of the game, you can bet a minimum defined by the stakes and a maximum up to the pot at the moment of your action. No Limit: During this type of game, you can bet a minimum set by the table stakes and a maximum up to the amount of money you hold in the table