Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

Just like its brother, Seven Card Stud, this is a game that has gain popularity due to its use in HORSE poker games and other mixed games. It users the same mechanics as the Seven Card Stud game, but the pots are played and awarded not only by the normal Poker Hand Rankings but also by the Lo Hand policy.

Basic Rules of Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

In Seven Card Stud each player receives 7 cards (4 facing up and 3 facing down). There are 5 different betting rounds where each player has the option to act and risk based on the strength of their hands. In the event 8 players go to the final betting round, instead of each player receiving 7 cards, a seventh card is dealt facing up for everyone to use.

Table Positions

Just like in Seven Card Stud, there are no blinds to initiate action. Instead an “ante” and a “bring-in” are used for this purpose. The ante is a mandatory bet to be used by all players before the hand starts and it’s defined by the table stakes used at that moment. The bring-in is a set bet to be done by the player with the lowest card on the early stages of the game. The game’s objective is to have the strongest hand based on the normal Poker Hand Rankings and the lowest hand based on the Lo Hand poker policies.

Betting Rounds

Third Street: the first betting round of the game. It starts with all players putting up the ante bet. Once this is done, each player receives 3 cards (2 facing up and 1 facing down). The player with the lowest card facing down begins the action with a bring-in. And the player to the left of this person continues the action. Once all the players have acted the action carries on with the remaining players.

Fourth Street: The second betting round, each player receives a facing up card, and the player with the best hand made out of its visible cards starts the action. All players have the turn to act clockwise until the betting round concludes and the remaining players go to the next betting round.

Fifth Street: This is the third betting round of the game, each player receives another facing up card, the best hand of these facing up cards starts the action and the betting round continues until all players have acted accordingly. Once done the next round starts.

Sixth Street: A final facing up card is given to each player. Another betting round starts by the player with the highest hand from the visible ones. Once all players have acted the remaining players continue with the game.

Seventh Street: The final round of the betting face, each player is dealt a card facing down (unless 8 players get to this phase then the exception mentioned above is done). Once all players have acted the showdown starts. Once all players have acted they are forced to show their cards and a winner is declared. Here is where Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo is different, the pot is divided in 2 and half of the pot is given to the best existing hand according to the Standard Poker Hand Ranking. The other half of the pot is given to the hand made out of the 5 cards lowest than 8. The hands are arranged in descending order and count from lowest to high, the lowest hand will win the lo hand. Pairs and other combinations do not count towards the low hand making the combination A2345 the best low hand possible. In the even there is no lo hand or the lo hand is the highest hand in the poker hand ranking system, the whole pot goes to the winner.

Table Limits (Stakes)

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, just like many other games; has a low limit and a high limit to restrict the bets on each round of betting. The low limit will define the ante and bring in. The ante will be 10% of the low limit while the bring-in will be 20% of the low limit. In the Third Street, the low limit is the minimum you can bet or raise. During the Fourth Street the player with the higher hand has the option to raise the low limit or the high limit. The limit he chooses will be the minimum bet that will be used during this betting round. Fifth to Seventh Streets minimums are based on the high limit.

Betting Limits

On Seven Card Stud, you will find 2 options of play: Fixed and Pot Limit tables. These limits define the maximums of every bet you do at a table. On fixed limit the maximum you can bet is set by the table limits, during the rounds were the minimum bet is set by the low limit the maximum will be the low limit as well. On the ones that have the minimum set as the high, they will use the same limit for the maximum bet.