Omaha Hi/Lo Tips For The Beginner

Playing Omaha Hi/Lo can be a lot of fun once you know what you are doing, but there are several things that new players need to understand before they will make money. Omaha Hi/Lo is generally a limit game that is played with 4 hole cards and 5 community cards.

Each player must use two cards in his hand and three cards from the board. A high/low game means that each pot can be split between the high hand and the low hand, or one person can win them both. But for this article, I am going to assume you already know how to play Omaha and you are just looking for some good tips before you play for real money.

Starting hands should allow you to win both the high pot and the low pot. This means starting hands should contain both high and low cards. A good starting hand example would be A23K, and if you have two suited cards, your odds go even higher for getting both pots. The best hands have two aces and two small cards, both suited. This allows for a nut flush and the low straight, as well as many other random hands, like straights and boats. Middle hands, with 8's, 9's, J's and Q's are almost worthless in omaha, because you can't make the nut flush and even straights will be low.

Getting your hand counterfeited in Omaha happens a lot, so pay attention to the cards and always remember that you must play only two of the cards in your hand and three of the cards on the board. This means that you could have the nut low hand, but your 2 or 3 pairs the board to counterfeit your low straight and give someone else the nut full house.

Omaha Hi/Lo is not a game where you should be playing a lot of hands, just because you are priced into the pot. If you don't have a decent starting hand, just fold and save your money for the next round.>Join Now and Play the best online poker games Today!