Keeping Notes On Other Player When Playing Online Poker

One of the biggest advantages of playing online poker is the ability to take notes on the other players. Playing live poker does not make taking notes as easy and much of the process relies on your ability to remember someones name or face, assuming you are playing with a lot of different people on a daily basis.

Online poker gives you many tools for the note taking process and the screen names are always the same. This is a huge advantage over live poker.

When you are taking notes, try to come up with simple abbreviations that you can apply to a large group of players, like "loose aggressive" or "tight passive". Identify their playing style first, so you don't take notes that are misleading for a player. For example, if you immediately note that someone is loose, because you see them playing 8D10H out of position, you might get in trouble in later hands if there were other reasons they were playing the hand. They may never play 8-10 off, but in that particular situation, they decided to play because they knew they would be heads up against someone they could easily outplay regardless of the flop. It is important to take accurate notes, or situations like these will rise up all the time.

Hand ranging people is also a good thing to take notes on, because players seem to stick within the same hand range forever. Just keep track of their range based on their position and and stack size. Some players will always have a strong starting hand range and others will raise with absolutely nothing. It is important to know this about a player as quickly as possible when you sit down at a table.

Taking accurate notes will help you start winning pots much faster in online poker, because you don't have to wait to see how the other players are playing. You will soon find that you have notes on all, or most of the players you play with on a daily basis and these notes will be invaluable to making a profit at online poker.

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