How To Play Against People Who Like To Play Any Two Cards

Many players in low stakes online games seem to play any two cards from almost any position. They will limp with just about anything and even call raises with hands that most people would immediately fold.

These types of players are very difficult to play against, because their betting patterns rarely make sense and hand ranging them can be impossible. But after reading this article, you should have a much better of how to play against these wild and erratic players.

Identifying these types of players is fairly simple, because they will be caught playing something like 3s-6s in early position. Keep in mind though, some very strong players will also play any two cards, but their plan is to outplay the entire table post flop. Three types of players will pay any two cards: players who are just playing for fun and don't care about the money, very strong players who feel confident in their ability to bluff and outplay their opponents, and complete donks. Your only goal is to determine which type of player(s) you are up against and try to isolate the donks and people playing for fun.

Try to avoid players who will outplay you post flop. Even when you flop the nuts, your hand will have very little value against stronger players.

Once you have identified the players you want to get into hands with, look for their betting patterns. These players will be hard to hand range, but you should be able to narrow it down by paying attention to how they bet. Always check the history to see how they played their hand and how they bet as the hand progressed. Once you have seen 5 or 6 hands, you should be able to start to see a pattern, which will give you a better idea of their hand range.

These players almost never play aggressive, so you will see a lot of calls with weaker hands or all in bluffs on the river. Against these loose passive players, you need to play tight-aggressive poker and you need to make them pay dearly for every single card they see. These players also rarely change up their game, so the only read you need to get is whether they have a strong hand or when they are bluffing. Once you figure out the betting pattern that leads you to determine this, you should be able to outplay them every single hand.

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