Treasure Structure

Treasure Structure

We offer our player Treasure-gems which are a special type of currency that will be used for most if not all of our active promotions. It works as a bonus and it has a real value, but it cannot be redeem for real cash at any time, and it cannot be withdrawn or transferred to other accounts or poker rooms.

Any of our Customers can use them as tournament entries, re-buy or add-ons, this will be available depending on the tournament structure. The treasures sole purpose is to be used to access tables or tournaments that allow treasure as a currency option.

You can obtain them as deposit bonus or as tournament prize. Some tournaments will require treasures as entry buy in but the prize will be CASH. Other tournaments will use as an entry/ buy in real cash and the prize structure for that particular Tournament can be treasure, which can be used as a buy in to a tournament or use for a re-buy or add-on.

The value of the treasure as tournament entry is assigned depending on the current available promotion.

Customers generate POP Points by default, but the rest of treasure can only be granted as a deposit bonus.