Three Card Poker

Poker Three Card is a fast and fun poker-style game that requires little strategy for a player to be successful. The premise is simple: beat the dealer by making the best poker hand possible with a single draw of three cards!

Three Card Poker is actually two games in one. Both the player and the dealer get three cards. There are two bets: Ante, where the player competes with the dealer, and Pair Plus, where the player bets if his hand will have a pair or better. A player may place both an Ante and a Pair Plus wager or an Ante wager only.

Basic Rules

Poker Three Card games are played with a standard 52-card deck. The cards are dealt in hands of three. Straights have a higher ranking than flushes, as there are fewer ways to make a three-card straight. Aces can be either high or low, depending on what you need, as in Poker.

Ante and Ante Bonus

Begin by placing an Ante wager on the "ANTE" spot on the table. The Ante wager works as it does in conventional poker. This is the "cost" of playing the hand. You may also make the Pair Plus wager at this time (see PAIR PLUS below). The dealer receives 3 cards face down and player is dealt three cards face up. You can then determine whether your cards are good enough to bet against the dealer (Call) or fold. If you fold, you simply lose the bet you made on the Ante. Pair Plus wagers, if applicable, are paid off and the hand is over.

If you decide to challenge the dealer, you must place a wager equal to the Ante in the "Bet" spot on the table and click the "Call" button. The dealer's cards are then revealed. The dealer must have at least Queen or better to qualify. Anything lower is an automatic win for you (if you have not folded). If the dealer's hand does not qualify, you are paid even money on the Ante bet and an Ante Bonus, if applicable. The Bet is a 'push' (you don't win or lose).

In Poker Three Card, you have the bonus of the initial bet, the Ante Bonus. This is paid if you have one of the three  highest card combinations: straight flush, three of a kind, or straight. This bonus is paid even if the dealer doesn't qualify and even if the dealer's hand beats the player's hand hand.  See PAYOFFS for the payout for the Ante Bonus. The Ante Bonus is not paid if you fold.

If the dealer's hand does qualify the highest-ranking hand wins. If the dealer's hand ranks higher, the player loses both the Ante bet and the Bet, but can still win the Ante Bonus with a straight or higher. Those who can beat the dealer are paid even money on their Ante bets and Bets plus the Ante Bonus, if applicable. If both the dealer's hand and the player's hand have the same rank, the highest ranking card determines the winner (for example: a Pair of Kings beats a Pair of 10s).If the dealer's hand ties the player's hand both the Ante bet and the Bet are pushed (the wagers are returned to the player).

Pair Plus

The Pair Plus is a wager that you will be dealt a pair or better. This optional wager is made at the same time you make an Ante wager by placing a wager in the Pair Plus spot on the table. You are not playing against the dealer. You win if you are dealt a pair or better, regardless of what the dealer's hand contains. See PAYOFFS for the payout for a Pair Plus wager in the Winnings Table below:

When calculating a win, there are three things to consider: the Pair Plus result, the Ante Bonus result and the Play (Ante) result.

Pair Plus Result Payout
Pair 1:1
Flush 4:1
Straight 6:1
3 of a Kind 30:1
Straight Flush 40:1
Ante Bonus Result Payout
Straight 1:1
3 of a Kind 4:1
Straight Flush 5:1
Play Result Payout
Dealer does not qualify: Ante wins Bet pushes 1:1 Push
Dealer qualifies, and player beats the dealer: Ante wins Bet wins 1:1 1:1
Dealer qualifies, and player ties the dealer: Ante pushes Bet pushes push push
Dealer qualifies, and dealer beats player: Ante loses Bet loses lose lose