Venice Progressive

Playing Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival is a 5 reels 15 lines Slot with a Bonus Game.

Choose a coin value by clicking on the bet selector arrows on the bottom right side of the machine.

Click on the 'Bet One' button to increase the number of lines you wish to bet. Note that the more lines you bet on, the greater the chance of winning.

"Bet Max" will bet all 15 lines and reels will start spinning.

Click on the SPIN button to start the game. (Click on the AUTO On button to repeat your previous bet and play the game automatically. (Click AUTO Off to disable)

Pay Table

Click the Pay Table button at the top on the right to view the winning payout's. On the left side of the pay table there are rows showing the number of HITS you need to have for the prize of each specific symbol (shown as the top row). In the middle of the pay table there are columns which show your payout factor for the symbol hits. The only way to get HITS in the game is to have a sequence of the same symbol without interruptions starting from the left side of the reels. The sequence will be highlighted by the colored lines shown on the game.

When you have a winning combination, the payout will be determined by multiplying the factor in the column under the winning symbol based on the number of hits, times the coin value in the bet selector.