How To Figure Out When You Are Getting Trapped In Online Poker

When you are playing online poker, some of your biggest losses will come from getting trapped. This is when another player is slow playing a hand that has you crushed. In general, this will happen when you might have top pair and top kicker, while they flopped a set, or a straight. The other player will act weak and let you think you are ahead the whole time, while holding the nuts. Rather than raising you, which would let you know they have a strong hand, they will only check and call your raises. You will tend to lose even more money if it looks like they missed a straight or a flush. These types of hands will cost you a lot of money, so read the following tips to help you understand when you are getting trapped and when you have the best hand.

Tip #1 – Don't Forget About The Past Hands

Always remember how your opponent has played their hands in the past. Do they check down a strong hand, do they limp with AA or KK, or do they always bet when they have a hand? When you see a player acting different or playing out of the ordinary, they are probably trying to trap you.

Tip #2 – Big Pots Mean Big Hands

Unless your opponent is known to make big bluffs, when someone is willing to put a lot of money into a pot, they generally have a big hand.

Tip #3 – Things May Start To Feel Different

There is a distinct feeling you should have when you are starting to realize you are beat.

When this happens, you need to stop and think about what is happening. Could your opponent have a hand that has you beat? Did they flop two pair, do they have pocket Aces, or Kings?

Think about the action up to that point, as well as their hand range before you put any more money into the pot.

Minimizing your losses at poker is a huge part of being a successful player. By following these simple tips, you should be able to save money and avoid losing your whole stack when someone tries to trap you with a better hand.

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