Poker Host Software

Poker Host is part of the Winning Poker Network, one of the fastest growing poker networks in the industry.

Why Winning Poker Network?

  • Integrity

Poker Host makes it a priority to provide our clients with the most secure experience possible. This is essential. We are confident that players will not only enjoy our playing on our software but will feel they have come to the best place to get paid and have fun.

Your personal information is never shared with a third party. Furthermore, we have security team that vigilantly guards your money and your information. Every table at Poker Host is closely watched by a team of security professionals trained to identify collusion or partnerships between players.

  • Security

All information passed between the client and our servers are encrypted using an industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption and all clients must be authenticate before being allowed access to services on the network. All sensitive information is stored in a secure data center that is also under 24x7 physical securities. This ensures the privacy and integrity to our entire customer data base, that the information remains secure and confidential. Poker Host operates on the Winning Poker Network which provides the highest standard of fairness, security and privacy. We have the ability to review each and every online poker hand played in the event we detect unusual patterns. We are unyielding in our vigilance about seating players who share the same IP address at different tables. We also make sure the identity of every real-money player is verified.

  • Special Features

The software offers special features that allow the players to receive the most enjoyable environment and experience while playing poker

Download Requirements

You can start playing to win in minutes simply by downloading our free online poker software. Play with 1000’s of players around the world and get the best in games, tourneys, promotions and a world-class poker experience!

The Poker Host software runs on PC.

(The poker client will temporarily not be available for Mac users but is in production and is scheduled to be released shortly)

Giving the player the ability to be able and maximize the windows to full size - and the table tile.

Windows Version

We currently support all standard versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 7 onwards, We do not currently support Mac.

Minimum System Requirements for Desktop:

Pentium II 300mhz + / AMD Duron 400mhz + PC 512 MB Ram and 1GHz CPU Windows 7 onwards 30 MB free disk space 4mb Video Card with 16bit color or higher @ 800 x 600 resolution. Steady Internet connection (56k modem of higher recommended, connected at 40kb +, if lower, you may experience disconnections)

For Laptop:

Pentium II 500mhz + /AMD Duron 600mhz + 512 MB Ram and 1GHz CPU Windows 95|98|NT4|2000|XP 4mb Video Card with 16bit color or higher @ 800 x 600 resolution. 30 MB free disk space Steady Internet connection (56k modem of higher recommended, connected at 40kb +, if lower, you may experience disconnections)

In addition:

Video resolution set to 800 x 600 Poker Host's main window is 640 x 480. If your monitor is set to this size, you will be unable to display the rooms and chat windows.

Internet access (any speed) : An Internet connection is necessary both to download the program and to play the game. While downloading can take some time, the game itself is highly optimized for Internet traffic. It can run very effectively even at slower modem speeds (we recommend 28.8k or above).

When active at Poker Host, you will need an uninterrupted connection to the Internet. If your connection is lost for more than 20 seconds, we will alert you and offer choices for reconnecting.

You can use e-mail, web browsers and other communication software on your PC while running the Poker Host games.

You must be 21 years of age or older.