Security And Integrity

Poker Host's Random Number Generator (RNG)

The Winning Poker Network (which Poker Host is part of) submitted extensive information about the Winning Poker Network's random number generator (RNG) to the independent organization iTech Labs. We asked this trusted resource to perform an in-depth analysis of the randomness of the output of the Winning Poker Network RNG, and its implementation in the shuffling of the cards on Winning Poker Network. Information about the results can be seen below.


iTech Labs

iTech Labs has confirmed the reliability and security of the random number generator (RNG) that the Winning Poker Network uses to shuffle cards on its online poker site, showing the solution meets or exceeds best practices in generating unpredictable and statistically random values for dealing cards.

About iTech Labs

iTech Labs is an ISO/IEC 17025 certified testing laboratory for online gaming systems. Their clients include some of the largest in the online gaming industry. Integrity, accountability and a commitment to protect player's interests are their guiding principles.

iTech Labs consultants have tested and certified all types of games on a wide range of online gaming platforms during the past 12+ years. Their Principals and Senior consultants have a combined experience of over 40 years in testing and certifying online gaming systems and games for customers worldwide.

Their staff has been at the forefront of the development of the Australian Internet gaming standards, now used in various forms by regulators worldwide.

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See the Certification of Security for Random Number Generator to find out more

Poker Host is committed to upholding the highest standard of security for our Players.

The personal information given to us will not be shared with any third party. Both information and money are guarded by our security team every minute of every day.

Every table at Poker Host is monitored by a team of security professionals who are trained to spot possible collusion or partnerships between players. Although it may be easier for individuals to pass information regarding their hands to each other online than in a brick-and- mortar casino, we have the advantage as we can review each and every online Poker hand played.

Unusual patterns of play are detected immediately for our security personnel to review. Players sharing the same IP address will not be seated at the same table and the identity of every real- money player is verified.