Poker Host Do's and Don'ts

What’s the easiest way to fund my online Poker account?

Poker Host prides itself on providing a variety of secure deposit methods. We have a team of customer service representatives available to help you find a deposit method that best serves you.

Do I need to have or give out my Credit Card details to fund my account?

Poker Host accepts several Credit Card options deposits directly through our website as well as Cash deposits using person to person deposits. Please visit our Cashier section for more detailed information on each deposit mechanism available to you.

I Cannot Deposit funds via credit card?

Unfortunately, some banks may view a transaction to as a ‘gaming purchase’ and may have policies against approving such transactions. You may need to contact your issuing bank regarding this matter, requesting for approval to an online purchase. Alternatively, you may find it easier to make deposits via a different depositing method. Visit our CASHIER section under the Deposit section for more information.

Do any of your deposit methods charge a fee to make a deposit? ,We want you playing, not paying but in some cases the issuing bank the a player is using can charge a fee for a transaction, which we are not responsible for, so before any credit card transactions are process for an online transaction make sure to clear any doubts with your issuing bank.

Since your cards issuing bank may mistakenly recognize your deposit by credit card as a cash advance. If this occurs, your cards issuing bank may incorrectly charge an extra fee associated with a cash advance. If you are charged an extra fee, please contact your cards issuing bank to explain that the transaction of an online purchase (with for further feedback contact our risk department for assistance) that appears on your credit card statement is not a cash advance but an Internet transaction.

For Western Union and Money Gram you can be charged a % of your total amount in the shop, but we will reimburse you the transaction fee once the deposit has successfully reached your poker account. ( at times a proof of charge will be require, so make sure to have this available).

Why is my Payout still pending?
When your payout is ‘Pending’, it means that it is currently being viewed by the payout department, making sure all your deposit information is correct an and that if you used a credit card your credit card authorization form is correct and in place.

How do I cash in my winnings?

To request a payout, simply click on the ‘Cashier’ menu option from within the games lobby. Click on ‘Cashier’, select the available method, You will be able to enter your chosen withdrawal amount, the request will show as ‘pending’ while the department in charge proceeds on their end as require for each account.

Two players are colluding at the table?

Collusion is the act of one player controlling other players at a table, or discussion between players as to their hands. has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to collusion between players. Should you suspect or witness any instances of colluding, please contact our customer service department via phone or chat. If require you can also email us at [email protected] for assistance.

Someone is swearing constantly at the table? employs language filters that remove unacceptable words from the text of a player’s chat. We work very hard to maintain a family environment at the tables, however the endless variations of swearing available to users makes it almost impossible to control language abuse. If any player is swearing profusely, we ask that you please make a report immediately via our Live Help feature, or via phone. If require you can also email us at [email protected] for assistance.

I am being abused at the tables! What can I do?

Firstly, please accept our apologies for being on the receiving end of such abuse. We are dedicated to making the experience as welcoming and entertaining as possible, but unfortunately, not all of our players share that same commitment. Rest assured that we do not condone such behavior in any way. defines abuse as the use of swearing and racial slurs, as well as behavior such as harassment, provoking, revealing private or personal information about a user, constant pestering and threats. If you are subjected to such behavior at any time, we ask that you please report both it and the offending player immediately, is to contact our customer service department via phone or chat. If require you can also email us at [email protected] for assistance, the Support team will take action. The sooner we can eradicate such behavior from our gaming tables, the better.

Do you charge players to sit at the real money tables?

No, does not charge players directly to sit at real money tables. Instead, we charge a small percentage in rake for every hand played. The rake is always a very small amount, and is capped. Our standard rake is 5%, with a general cap of $3. Please note that rake is not charged on tournament hands.

As compensation for hosting online Poker games, we take what’s known as ‘rake’ from each pot. We have a “no flop, no drop” policy. The rake is defined in the following chart:

Fixed Limit

Stakes  2 Players % / CAP  3-4 Players % / CAP  5+ Player % / CAP
$0.02/$0.04 4.5% / $0.01 4.5% / $0.01 4.5% / $0.01
$0.04/$0.08 to $0.05/$0.10 4.5% / $0.04 4.5% / $0.04 4.5% / $0.04
$0.10/$0.20 4.5% / $0.10 4.5% / $0.10 4.5% / $0.10
$0.25/$0.50 4.5% / $0.16 4.5% / $0.16 4.5% / $0.16
$0.50/$1 4.5% / $0.40 4.5% / $0.40 4.5% / $0.40
$1/$2 2% / $0.50 3% / $0.70 3% / $0.80
$2/$4 2% / $0.50 3% / $0.70 3% / $1.25
$3/$6 to $5/$10 2% / $0.50 3% / $2 3% / $3
$10/$20 2% / $0.50 2.5% / $2 2.5% / $3
$15/$30 2% / $1 2% / $2 2% / $3
$20/$40 to $100/$200 1% / $1 1% / $2 1% / $3

No Limit and Pot Limit

Stakes Rake per pot 2 Player Cap 3 Player Cap 4 Player Cap 5 to 9 Player Cap
All Stakes Up to and including $1/2 $0.01 for each $0.20 in Pot  $0.50  $1.00 $2 $3
Stakes $2/4, $3/6 and $4/8 $0.05 for each $5 in Pot  $1.00  $1.50 $2 $3
Stakes $5/$10 and Greater $0.25 for each $5 in Pot  $1.25  $1.75 $2.25 $3

Do you request any documentation from me to verify my deposit?

If you choose to make a deposit via credit card directly through the CASHIER, we will require for you to complete some Security steps in order to verify your account information, please contact customer service to gather more information on what you will require to address. Please e-mail the form to our Risk and Fraud prevention Department at [email protected].

Is it safe to use my credit card at

At, we not only assure you of your safety, we guarantee it. All of your credit card information and purchase history is securely encrypted with a 128-bit SSL encryption algorithm, ensuring that your transactions are always stringently protected against theft and fraud

How do I see table chat?

Table chat is available at the lower left corner of the table.

How do I chat with other players?

You can chat with players at any table. To chat at a table place your mouse cursor in the Chat box, type your text and click “Enter”.

What is the minimum screen resolution setting I can use?

You will need a system that supports 800×600 graphics settings, although for a more robust experience we recommend a screen setting of 1024×768 or higher.

What games are available?

Poker Host provides a variety of games, from tournaments to ring games. We offer Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, and 32 Card Draw.

How does the “Auto Post Blind” change affect you?

Poker Host now defaults the “Auto-Post Blinds” option checked on all the tables. This means that players will Auto-Post the Blinds when it is their turn to post. All players are also set on default to “Wait for Big Blind” to post their blinds.

Why do I sometimes experience a slow/interrupted connection?

There are many variables that can contribute to a slow connection, such as your location, Internet traffic, background downloads and more. To ensure smooth play, try to keep your download to a minimum while your games software is active.

Your Internet connection is rated in the following order: Good>Fair>Poor>None. This information is provided within the game window of your software, in the lower left-hand corner. If you are disconnected while playing in a game, you will have the entire duration of the game to reconnect and return to it.

Keep in mind that fast connections (such as DSL or Cable) are ideal when using the games software. These will prevent you from being disconnected regularly.

What does “Wait for Big Blind” mean?

The “Wait for Big Blind” option will not post any blinds until it is your turn to post the Big Blind, before being dealt into the game. If you would like to get into the action sooner and post, simply click the “Wait for Big Blind” button to turn it off.

What color settings can be supported?

You’ll need your computer to be set to “High Color (16 bit)” or higher. This is because we use high-resolution graphics.

What can I do to stop players who I find chip-dumping?

Chip-dumping occurs when one player (usually with a sizeable bankroll) decides to ‘help’ another player by deliberately losing a hand. does not take chip dumping lightly. Should you suspect or witness any instances of chip-dumping, please contact our customer service department via phone or chat. If require you can also email us at [email protected] for assistance.

>How much available disk space do I need?

You’ll need 30MB of space on your hard drive for the online Poker Client download and installation. We also recommend a minimum of 512 MB Ram and 1GHz CPU.

I have finished installing the software. How do I start playing?

Once you have completed the installation process, the software will automatically upgrade to its most recent version. This process will take place immediately upon completion of the installation. Please make sure that you do not halt this upgrade process at any time, as doing so will result in a corruption of the software, requiring you to uninstall the program and then reinstall it from the beginning. Once the software has upgraded, you will automatically be taken to the games lobby, where you will be able to view the list of available games.

If I lose connection with the Poker Host Client, what happens to my hand and my money?

Poker Host is not accountable for funds lost due to a bad connection. Before you play, make sure you are working with a strong Internet connection.

How long do I have to reconnect and get back in the hand after I’ve been disconnected?

If you were disconnected while playing in a game and you reconnect within 35 seconds, you will be able to act on your hand. In fixed-limit cash games, if you do not re-connect before your time bank expires; your hand will be treated as if you went all in. This courtesy is limited per player so as to avoid abuse of this system.

What happens in event of a server interruption on the Poker Host server?

Extensive preventative precautions have been taken; however, 100% reliability remains impossible. In the unlikely event of a server crash, all player account information reverts back to the end of the last completed hand. For Ring Games, all hands in progress will be cancelled and your balance will revert to the last completed hand.

In the event the software has a technical issue that is resolved in less than 30 minutes, the tournament is resumed normally. If the software has a technical issue that lasts longer than 30 minutes, the tournament is cancelled. For more information about our Tournament Cancellation rules click here

What is a time based tourney?

A time-based online Poker tourney is a tournament played for a set period of time rather than a freeze out tournament which plays down until someone has all the chips. Winners and prize money is dependent upon chip count at the time the clock expires. First place goes to the player with the most chips and the rest of the prize pool is distributed based upon chip count in descending order.

How can I check the outcome of a hand? will allow you to record of all real money game hand details. To check your play history, open any regular table, look for ‘hand history’ click on the ‘Options’ button. Your default Internet browser will open another window, allowing you to save the outcomes of all the real money game hands you have played.

Can I cash out my chips while I’m at a table?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. In order to cash out your chips, you must leave the table you are playing at before visiting the Cashier.

Are there requirements in order to cash out my winnings?

Our Risk and Fraud prevention Department may very well need you to submit various supporting documents before processing your payout. This is to ensure the safety of your funds and your account at all times. Documents that may be needed will include a credit card front and back copy, of the card(s) used to make your deposits at, a copy of a valid picture ID and/or a copy of a utility bill. Please make sure that you have these documents at hand when requesting a payout in order to facilitate the process and receive your payout as soon as possible.

For more information on making a deposit or withdrawal at, please visit our Cashier section of our website, or please contact our customer service department via phone or chat. If require you can also email us at [email protected] for assistance.

How can I re-size the tables?

You can re-size the tables by clicking and dragging the table from any of its edges. Release the mouse button once you’ve found your desired table size.

How do I bet a precise amount?

The slider located with into the active table you are in at that time, can be use to increase and decrease your betting increments, take into consideration the your available balance can or will influence on the use of the slider. To bet a more precise amount, however, simply use the number pad from your keyboard to type in your bet amount in the text field above the slider.

How can I straddle?

To straddle simply select the Straddle box on the bottom right hand of your screen. This should be done once seated at the table.

What is a Geo Target tournament?

Geo targeted tournaments are country or region specific, allowing players only from that region or country to play.

How do I use the tournament filter?

The Tournament Lobby is located directly above the Tournament List in the tournament lobby. Use the filters by clicking them. Once the selected filter is highlighted (green) it will display the information only for the highlighted item. For example if you click on the “Free-roll Filter” it will then display only free-rolls.

How do I use the cash game filter?

The cash game filter is located directly above the “Games” in the main lobby. Filters include stake size and limit type.

How can I check my statistics?

You can view your statistics for your current session once seated at the table. Click on the “Graph” tab on the far left located directly above the chat box to see how you’re doing in the session.

How can I change my password?

If you need to change your password, you will be able to do so from within the game lobby by clicking on ‘Options’, and then ‘Change Personal Information’ or on the web site, when applying the change from the lobby a default web browser will then open, prompting you to enter your existing password and the new password you wish.

I have registered an account but am unable to login?

Your failure to login could be due to any number of reasons. Firstly, check that you are entering your password correctly. All passwords are case sensitive, meaning that if you originally registered your password with capital letters, you must re-enter it with the exact same combination of upper case and lower case letters. Similarly, make sure that your Caps Lock button is off, as you could be mistakenly entering your password in upper case letters.

Once you are sure that you are entering your password correctly, check your username. Make sure that you are entering the exact same username you provided upon registration.

If you are certain that you are entering your username and password correctly, and are still experiencing difficulty logging in, please contact our customer service department via phone or chat. If require you can also email us at [email protected] for assistance where we will ensure that it is resolved as soon as possible.

What are Tournament Bucks (TB)?

Tournament bucks are awarded through satellites and promotions. You can redeem these bucks to register in any online poker tournament but they carry no cash value.

Will you share my information with any third party?

The privacy of information regarding our customers is of the utmost importance to us at Poker Host. We do not share any data with third parties.

What can I do to keep my Poker Host account secure?

Do not share your login information or password with anyone and make sure you close the online Poker Client once you have finished playing. We advise that you change your password on a regular basis.

Why can’t my friend play from the same IP?

We do this to avoid collusion. That is why we do not allow multiple account to play from the same address.

If I don’t want to receive spam, can I enter a fake e-mail address?

It is crucial that the information you supply when registering an account is completely accurate – this will enable us to provide you with service levels of the highest standard. One of the most efficient ways for to communicate with its player base is via email, therefore it is vital that you enter your e-mail address correctly during the registration process. If you are concerned about the confidentiality of your personal details, please consult our Privacies Policy for more information regarding our security measures.

Can I create an account on this computer for my family?

Unfortunately only allows one account per house hold, per email, per IP address, per physical address, phone number etc. If you want more than one real money account from the same household, please contact customer services. For further assistance, since the case needs to be reviewed.

Can I play more than one table?

If you’ve got the skills, who’s to say no? will allow you to play at four tables at the same time. The perfect way to show everyone what you’re made of!

Who can play at software is free and available to all users worldwide over the age of 18 years.

I just cashed in my winnings. How long will it take to receive the funds?

This will depend on your chosen withdrawal method.

The game window is too big for my screen, and/or the colors do not look right?

In order for to look its best on your computer, you will need to have your screen resolution set to 1024x768 or higher, with at least 16-bit colors selected. If you wish to adjust your monitor:

  • Right-click on your desktop with your mouse and select ‘Properties’ from the pop-up menu.
  • Select ‘Settings’ from the top tabs.
  • You will then be able to set and adjust both the screen resolution and the number of colors to the optimum settings.

I have a firewall and I seem to be unable to connect to

Your active firewall should not be a problem, to why you cannot connect to If, however, you are using a Non-NAT firewall that is blocking outgoing connections, and you will need to open an outgoing TCP/IP port 8085. (For such Tech requirements, we suggest the you contact your Tech service for further assistance).

What happens if I am late to my table?

We expect players to take their seat before the tournament starts. In the event of you arriving late you will not be able to participate in the game. The blinds will be played by the system and 10 hands will be the number of hands allowed to be timed out before getting busted out of the table due to inactivity.